Keep your eyes peeled when watching this week’s installment of THE WALKING DEAD. (Actually, as there is a delay between when I submit these articles to the website and the program posts them, you may well be reading this after the episode in question has already aired. If that’s the case, I hope you TiVo’d it. Or you can just wait for the network to replay it. Heck, it’ll probably be up on YouTube.) Anyway, there’s supposed to be a blink-and-you-might miss it homage this week to CREEPSHOW.

TWD FX guru Greg Nicotero has a history of paying tribute to the genre efforts he enjoyed in his youth (which proves, as if we couldn’t already tell, that he’s a huge honkin’ geek—really, though, would any “squares,” any non-geeks, in other words, ever be employed in his line of work? Highly unlikely.) so this recent “homage” is just the latest of many. Spotting one of those tributes is a nice little wink and nudge from the show, a reminder that, as grim as it gets, you are just enjoying a television program, after all. I kinda wish they wouldn’t announce them in advance, though. It would be more fun to spot them without any prompting.