Count Down The Top 10 Zombie Types

“They’re all different, but one thing’s for sure: you are not safe if these monsters are around.”  

These are fantastic; they go with the oldest first… can you guess which ones they are before I spill the beans…?

10. Voodoo Zombies – from White Zombie (1932) they’re thought of the very first zombies on film, ever… they even came before…

9. Classic Romero Zombies – from Night of the Living Dead (1968), and while the first zombies weren’t flesh-eating, these definitely are, so watch out!

8. Brain Eating Zombies – from Return of the Living Dead (1985), –these zombies are actually capable of speech and functioning… they want brains, and they can move pretty fast. Death by burning only.

7. White Walkers/Wights – from Game of Thrones (2011), they’re unstoppable, and really hard to kill; the best way to kill them is with dragon glass.

6. Intelligent Zombies – from Land of the Dead (2005), the evolved form of Romero’s derpy zombies, they got smarter, but don’t worry, they just want a place of their own.

5. The Swarm – from World War Z (2013), these zombies are insanely fast, and there are a massive amount of them. You’re done. Unless you have cancer or something.

4. Nazi Zombies – from Dead Snow (2009), because they want to kill you, and they’re extra evil. Shoot them in the head. 

3. Walkers – from The Walking Dead (2010), they don’t call them zombies, they call them Walkers… but they’re the same thing. Be more afraid of humans, but kill the Walkers too.

2. Fast Zombies – from Dawn of the Dead (2004), yeah, if they catch you, you’re screwed. But they die of head shots too. Bring bullets.

1. Rage Zombies – from 28 Days Later (2002) and the sequel, –but these are deffo #1, because these were actually the scariest for me. I’m still scared of these… because I’m pitiful like that.