Cardano and Zombie Chains

Cardano and Zombie Chains NFT and how I got here by jcardanofan,
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Well, I am not going to sit here and tell you that I know everything, or I know all the secrets.  Truth of the matter is no one does!  Most of you reading this are “interested” in what crypto and NFT’s are all about.  My goal of this is to one explain why I believe in Cardano, and I am going to try and explain it in a way that someone like me can understand.
This is what you hear from the media, your friends, your parents, your kids and everyone else not invested in it.  “They just use it to traffic counterfeit money, and drugs money.”  Well, yes that is true, there are scams every day.  That is not what cryptocurrency is only used for, and it is far from the majority of what it is used for.
Whether there is cryptocurrency or not Money Laundering is going to happen.  Cryptocurrency wasn’t invented for illegal activity; it was invented to create an easier way to get money from point A to point B with no need for interaction from the middleman.  Take your money into your own hands and stop paying other people to move your money for you.
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Which brings me to Smart Contracts.  What the hell are Smart Contracts?  I keep hearing about them, but I just never can understand what the hell they are, right?  Well, I am going to simplify it as much as humanly possible.  Smart Contracts are transactions that can be made through cryptocurrency (The Blockchain) without and need for middleman paperwork.
You may ask well, how is that safe?  Without paperwork, how in the world could that transaction be legit?  It is simple, and I am going to make it into Layman’s Terms for you, so it is easy to understand.  (I am not an expert, but I know enough to break this down for the average Joe.  I do not know all the intricacies that go into building these things so if you are a blockchain developer do not kill me.
Every transaction goes through a verification system.  What is the verification system and how- does it work?  Have you ever heard of Bitcoin mining?  To break it down I going to break it down to these 4 questions.
What is the Verification system?
How do these miners get paid?
How does the mining work?
What are they paid for?
What is the verification system?  Well, when you move cryptocurrency from one location to another it goes through the blockchain.  The blockchain is basically a chain of computers (Nodes), that make sure each transaction is made valid.  This is called Mining.
How do these Miners get paid?  Mining is a reward system for computers that verify if the transaction is valid or not.  The reward is paid to you in the cryptocurrency that you help verify.
How does the mining work?  The more computers you have, the more cryptocurrency you will receive.  Therefore, you see mining farms starting to pop up all over the place.  The more computers you have running the more power consumption is needed.
What are they paid for?  The miners are paid to keep a consensus of the transaction.  The more mining locations the less corruption can be had.  These verifications are basically proof you made your purchase, and no one can say otherwise.
There is no single governing factor, and therefore I believe Cryptocurrency is safer than any other form of money.  No person, company or government can deny you made the purchase.  There is no possible way take down a million verifications across 195 counties.  Your transaction is secure, by the fact that information is everywhere it cannot be proven otherwise.  It takes away any kind of deceit. Your transaction doesn’t need paperwork to be legit.  That transaction has been verified by miners across the world.  That is what makes cryptocurrency so amazing.
Why Cardano?  What makes Cardano so great, why not just buy Bitcoin or Ethereum?  They were here first, so why not just buy what came first?
Bitcoin and Ethereum use a process call Proof of Work and Cardano uses a more energy efficient method called Proof of Stake.  I am going to break down the difference between the two in Layman’s Terms as well.
Definitions (Wikipedia)
Proof of Work – is a form of cryptographic proof in which one party (the prover) proves to others (the verifiers) that a certain amount of a specific computational effort has been expended. Verifiers can subsequently confirm this expenditure with minimal effort on their part.
Proof of Stake – protocols are a class of consensus mechanisms for blockchains that work by selecting validators in proportion to their quantity of holdings in the associated cryptocurrency. This is done to avoid the computational cost of proof of work schemes.
The difference is this.  When using Proof of Work each validation is done by a computer (Node).  This provides everything necessary, but it also requires a large amount of energy consumption the larger Cryptocurrency becomes utilized.  As of 2021, there were 300 million people worldwide that have dabbled in cryptocurrency.  That is literally only 3.9% of the world population, and Bitcoin is already causing environment concerns.
Which brings me to Cardano.  The Cryptocurrency that takes the best of both Bitcoin and Ethereum and puts it in a more environmentally friendly ecosystem that is Proof of Stake.  Proof of Stake allows for a person to have a Stake Pool.  In this Stake Pool people can join it and receive staking rewards.  Like Mining rewards, you are part of the verification system, but the difference is there is only a fraction of Stake Pools compared to Computer Miners.  That means way less computer power to get the same job done.
Also with Cardano, they are not solely focused on money.  They are using the blockchain for other uses where the Verification System can take out Fraudulent activity, based upon verifications being proof of ownership.  Charles Hoskinson the founder of the Cardano Blockchain did a Ted Talk back on December 4th, 2014, when he was helping Ethereum get up and running.  In that talk he explains his vision of where he sees Blockchain technology going, and it is a lot more than money.
Think of how many people are unbanked, and undocumented in this world?  People all over this world have no proof of anything and all they can pay with is cash.  They have land, but no proof of ownership.  They can’t transfer or receive cash without spending high percentage interest.  They have no identity and are in this world without a proof of life.
Cardano is looking use their blockchain technology (Which remember is more scalable, do to less energy consumed Proof of Stake ecosystem), and create an identification system for these people that have no proof of anything they own.  Think about the possibilities for the people that have no banks.  No way prove they have what they have.  One transaction after they are in the Cardano ID system will prove who they are, what they have accomplished and what they own.
The possibilities are endless, and this can all be done thanks IOHK and Charles Hoskinson for thinking Bigger.  They went the Proof of Stake route knowing their Ecosystem may have to handle Billions of people one day.  Can you imagine the number of computers (nodes) would be needed if there were 3 billion people using cryptocurrency?  Proof of Stake is the only way to make this grow, and not take away to much of the power available.
Before I get into Zombie Chains and why I feel it is the best NFT in the Cardano Ecosystem.  I feel I need to explain to you what exactly an NFT is and what the hell is its purpose.  People just do not comprehend why in the hell a jpeg is selling for so much money.  Well like everything before I am going to make it a simple as possible.
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token…  Just kidding I am fairly confident no matter how I explain what that means, it isn’t going to make sense!  No friends, they are not the next Beanie Baby fad.  They are not exactly like baseball card collectables either.  Those two things are an aspect of what an NFT is capable of.  Think of a Token like going the Arcade as a kid, and that token can be used to play whatever game you want in that Arcade.  The larger that arcade gets, the more things to do in there.
So their jpeg can be bought and sold like a rare beanie baby or Mickey Mantle rookie card.  What makes them different is they are access to whatever the team created them provides for that NFT’s owners.  The more you have the more access you may have to what that project may offer.  Most people know of a few NFT’s.  Some being from sports memorabilia to Cryptopunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club.  There are so many others out there, and I am going to explain why you should investigate some that are in your budget (Mainly Zombie Chains)
Yes, the Art may be fun and quirky, but the main purpose of these NFT’s is they are you ticket to whatever the project (Arcade) has available to you.  What they all offer could vary, but they all are investments.  They are not meant to be a quick buck, like so many people think they are.  This is a long-term investment people.  I am talking years not months.  The longer you hold onto them the more the projects will have to offer.  When there is more to offer what happens?  Like when you pay a little more for that Superbowl Ticket if your team made it, right?  You get more people that want a ticket, if that ticket provides more opportunity the price of that ticket goes up.
So many choices of what you can choose, everybody is trying to offer something more than what the project before them offered.  Here is how I choose what NFT’s I buy.   There was a learning curve, but I feel like I have a solid grasp of what makes the difference between a good project and a bad one.  I am going to explain this once again for the average Joe.
Before you do anything else know who the team is.  If you do not know who the team is, the likelihood of them being able to provide whatever it is they promised is not likely.  The team needs to have a solid reputation.  A background of knowing how things work.
Do not mint anything that does not have a team that you can do research on.  Do not provide these people the ADA.  They are not going to put any effort into the project.  I CAN’T PREACH THIS ENOUGH!
Focus on the good ones you are in, because the community is important.  If you like the project and have high hopes.  You are just as important as the founder of the project.  It is your voice that maybe someone wanted to hear.  People want to know they have other people in it with them.
Do not Mint and Flip.  I have done it, and I have succeeded and failed.  Even when you succeed you are hurting the NFT space.  This money you made may feel good on the surface, but in the end the only people that win is the projects team.  Their money does not have to go back into their project just like yours doesn’t.  When you buy something, buy it because you have faith in it.  TOO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS, AND IT NEEDS TO STOP.  See #3
Do your research before you mint or buy an NFT and do your research after you have bought the NFT.  Stay up to date on your investments.
What are governance tokens and what even gives them value?  The answer is quite simple, you do.  The people in the community make the value of the token itself, no people or interest means no value.   Make sure you realize this when jumping onto ships without a sail and no wind.
If they spend a lot of time on making the Artwork look good.  You can bet your ass they are taking time to make a good overall project with lot of bonuses of being a member.  Which brings me to…
If you read everything I wrote, you will see that Cardano is the front runner in the future of all cryptocurrencies.  People that know Cardano and its interworking’s are people that know how to build a project.  Cardano Dan is just that, a person that knows the Cardano Ecosystem better than me.  His outlook on the Crypto space is influential, and he know what he can and can’t do.
Why does this matter?  CandanoDan has 100k followers on Twitter and has a reputation to uphold.  If you hear anyone say that Zombie Chains is a “cash grab”, or Zombie Chains is a “rug pull”.  Know this, the found CardanoDan will lose a large chunk of his income, by doing either one of those things.  He needs his followers, just as much as we need him to make the Zombie Chains brand a household name.
When he says, “There is no Roadmap”, that does not mean he is doing nothing.  This means that he has ideas that may change over the course of time and doesn’t want to give out false information.  He also has shown, he is an out of the box type thinker with 3 images in one Hunters.  Not to mention both mints were smooth as hell thanks to help of Chris at Reliable Staking.
Then there is the star of the show Brian Allen.  The guy is an amazing artist and CardanoDan got him to make his NFT’s.  Cash Grab and/or Rug Pulls do not do that.  I am sure Brian isn’t cheap, and he is worth every cent in my book.  Look at the Art, it is on another playing field compared to any other 10k drop across all blockchains.  The effort has been put forth by him, and that can’t be looked past.
So, this brings me to the elephant in the room.  Why is there no utility?  I can’t count how many times you hear in not only Zombie Chains, but every single project I am in.  “What about utility, what are you going to do for me?”  Remember what I said, NFT’s are meant to be a long-term investment.  They are meant to grow and provide us more and more over time.  CardanoDan can’t make a Governance Token be worth anything unless his project has some depth.  You need to understand it is not needed yet, so why even have it?
A governance token has what value, when there is say 2000 people even interested in it.  You need a product that is investable.  CardanoDan is building a brand, and building a brand takes time.  ZFC will provide the first utility, what that utility is only time will tell.  What I do know is Zombie Chains has eyes all over the place waiting for this utility, and WHEN CardanoDan produces it, the value is going to go much higher.
Going to keep this short and sweet.  I know it is hard to just dive right into something, and I am not asking anyone do what I do.  What I am doing here is providing you all the groundwork that I have learned.  You need to do whatever it is you think is going to give yourself the most benefit possible.  I didn’t just follow a bitboy hype train and buy something.  There is a REASON why I own Zombie Chains.  There is a REASON why I am in Cardano.  There is a REASON why I am sharing this with all of you.  It wasn’t easy, and I would have wanted something easier to comprehend when I first started!
Take Care and sorry for and Grammatical Errors.  I am not an English Major!