Can True Love Conquer The Undead? Of Course!

“Cryogenically-frozen heads that come to life and race around by the power of their spinal cords, like human horseshoe crabs . . .”

Omg. How awesome does that sound? And there’s romance in here too somehow! Zombies eating brains, –durrr, and then there’s post-apocalyptic San Francisco… no doubt chock full of zombies wearing like, really trendy jeans and band shirts that no one recognizes. There’s also a mad scientist! The German scientist chasing after Cathren Whitney, who is half-human, half-zombie; a hybrid who must run from zombified Native Americans, the jealous Russian girlfriend of the crazed German scientist… 

Plus there are zombie street gangs, human extremists, and you know… her own personal baggage, because what woman is complete without issues? She’s got her own boyfriend to deal with, and on top of everything else, she decays, regenerates, and still keeps her human consciousness…. something tells me that’s seriously going to affect her relationship with this Donovan guy. And plus! they were struggling big city dwellers to begin with! So I mean, start out poor and have all this other crap dumped on you… jeez. Bummer. This germy gem was free for a while but prices were assigned; it’s not that high, the Kindle version (links on source site) is only $3.99. Check it out and let us know what you thought!