‘Biggun’ A Zombie Novella by L.X. Cain

“A horde of zombies. A desperate woman. Her only ally — Biggun.”

I was immediately drawn to this short story by the title “Biggun” –and truthfully, it’s the redneck in me that immediately reacted to the term. If you’re from up north, or you’re addicted to colloquialisms like “back yonder” or “them there” –then y’all might not know what a “biggun” is. Means “big one” –and most often used, it’s talking about animals, –in my experience, especially catfish and fish in general. Used in a sentence? “I caught me a biggun!” I’ve said this in my life, out loud, to other people… who agreed with me.

A biggun can also be a man, or a dog, –pretty much anything can be referred to as a “biggun” –even rocks. Anyway, that’s what reeled me int and now makes me want to read this so bad… A “Biggun” protecting the world from ghouls and ghosts and the zombie apocalypse. Generally, if I see a big guy in a zombie movie, I know that this guy’s eventually going to turn into a zombie and kill the four people with his pinky toe. I’m excited to read this, –I encourage all of you to take the leap and check it out over Kindle’s web store. Anyone already read it? Thoughts?