‘Beyond Flesh and Blood’ Demo Released on Steam!

Beyond Flesh and Blood, a an intense tribute to the third person shooter genre has received its 0.04 demo version.

People have been waiting for this game for a while now, and unfortunately, they’re going to have to wait a little bit longer: this is an early demo, with a lot of bugs and design issues that are still going to need quite a bit of attention, –but the good news? Hey: it’s still a playable demo, and there’s plenty of shit to kill.

The Steam community, at least, as far as me, is super excited: an overgrown dystopian world, much like The Last of Us, crawling with grotesque mutant zombie things, disgruntled survivors, and hostile para-military types: it’s actually really similar to The Last of Us  but without the cute kids and so story: it’s a third person shooter tribute to classic third person shooter games. Check out the demo to get more action, it’s out on Steam right now!