Best April Fool’s Present Ever: Dying Light Gives Everyone Super Strength for 1 Day Only

Everyone in Harran is suddenly going to be ripped.

As you know, if you’ve played anyway, Dying Light is pretty damn hard… but since the game is a lot of fun anyway, despite a lot of people whining about dying and bumping into things in the dark that can insta-kill you… it’s still fun. Anyway, as a present for the holidays, the Dying Light developer team gave everyone super strength with which to kick zombies like… a few hundred feet at a time. So if you were playing the game the other day and wondered what the hell was going on, and why zombies went flying through the air every time you gave ’em a kick… this is why.

For those of you who either don’t have the game, or didn’t play at any point on April 1st… I’m sorry, you missed out. It was a skill enhancer that only lasted a day, but! lucky you, some people made videos. The video is cute; apparently, all these nifty side effects come from a “bad batch” of Antizine in circulation. I wouldn’t necessarily call it bad, so much as I would call it completely awesome. Maybe they’ll make a new bad batch for Eastern… that turns zombies into rotten eggs? …You never know.