‘Bart the Zombie Cat’ Comes Back from the Grave

“No one could believe it: A cat that was hit by a car, believed to be dead and then buried, came back to life.”

Looking at this poor, poor animal, you can’t possibly imagine that this story would have a happy ending, but believe it or not, it does. So many idiots, hit so many cats, every year. It’s infuriating for me, as I have never in my long career of driving a car, hit any animal: ever, and I lived in Texas, I’ve driven all over the United States, often at night, still, never hit an animal. In my opinion, there is no excuse, unless it’s a deranged deer, –and sometimes, to be fair, they do run out in front of you before you can do anything but hope you don’t die in the wreck too.

Point is: Bart was hit by a car, pronounced dead by an actual veterinarian, and then buried by his owners. Later on, he dug his way out of the ground, and crawled back home. This poor little guy was treated by the Humane Society, for a broken jaw. His eye had to be removed, but his surgery was successful, and he’ll be able to go home soon.