Awesome Books You Probably Haven’t Read: “You Might Be a Zombie & Other Bad News”

Parasites that turn their victims into mindless zombielike servants are fairly common in nature…

Ewww! This is a great book, and it has an entire chapter, an entire chapter based on accurate, referenced and totally provable facts, on why we could actually face a zombie apocalypse at some point. And the reasons in that chapter are a lot more than the standard CDC stuff, about the potential for rabies or the flu making you insane. For example, toxoplasmosis, –and the fact that it can drive you insane, –insane enough to seem like a zombie is pretty bad. 

Then there’s neurotoxins found in plants, –apparently, in Haiti, people used neurotoxins found in plants to zombify people by feeding them the plant, and then used the resulting “zombie” for illegal slave labor on a sugar plantation. Yep. Why could these two things cause a zombie apocalypse? Because government weapons technology is a shady business, and anything that can incapacitate a human being, or multiple human beings, is likely to be used by one force or another as a weapon. If our government weaponized either of these sources for zombies, chances are… it’s going to cause a shitstorm. And those aren’t the only causes for zombies, –so I suggestion you check out the book, and get prepared!