Aphex Twin Claims Chris Cunningham Made A Zombie Movie And Never Released It…

“”I remember him telling me he does a zombie film and then he decided not to release it, cause there was another zombie film coming out. I think he’s too sensitive,” Aphex Twin stated.”

Aphex Twin & Chris Cunningham basically made a lot of great music videos together in the 90s, –if you’re lost, that’s what this is about. Aphex Twin is an Irish techno musician and composer, and Chris Cunningham is a music video director, working with artists such as Aphex Twin, obviously, and Björk, –and occasionally dips into the film industry (on movies like A.I., for example).

So, the main takeaway is that there is, somewhere, a zombie movie that has not been released: Cunningham has plenty of film and directorial credits but for some reason kept this one a secret. Sure, it’s an indie film, obviously, but some of the greatest movies are independently produced and released. Cunningham’s videos are great, he even made an experimental short film, Rubber Johnny, along with a couple others. I mean… can we all band together on Kickstarter or like, send this guy some kind of petition? We want this movie, dude! Please, Mr. Cunningham, please release your secret zombie movie?