Android App Review: Kill Zombies – Save Villages!

“An unknown disease has turned everyone into zombies….”

Just few people still alive indeed! Here’s another one of the very popular zombie survival genre of mobile game. Kill Zombie – Save Village, available on Google Play store includes your common mobile shoot ’em up tropes such you’re in one static area and zombies are coming at you in escalating numbers and archetypes.  The app also includes the common pay-to-win mechanic where, at any time you can process a transaction using IRL money to get better weapons to make the game easier, and quicker considering unlocking these items take considerably longer on average. 

A very well received game among its thousands of followers it sits at a respectable rating of 4.2 stars right now on the Google Play store. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can download it to any Android powered device or Chromebooks which utilize Chrome OS. The only 2 requirements is to be sure your phone is running an Android version of 2.3 or higher. The other requirement is the ability to overlook all the blatant grammatical errors on the storefront page.