‘Among Us’: Zombie Short Film Assignment

This is a movie files for Horror Films class, it is a zombie apocalypse story based in King’s College in PA.

Dude, this is proof you can literally take a class on any topic… literally, -any- topic. I love this open look at like, someone’s “school” assignment. Now I’m going to grade it. First, on the subject of the score, I’d have to say wholly unoriginal, considering that there is a ton of creepy public domain classical songs out there, –instead they use The Walking Dead theme, and like, the Halloween theme. I’d say, 6 points off for unoriginal music, for which I saw no credits. Effects, –eh, the makeup on the zombies at the beginning looked like lipstick on a blind transvestite. 

But the bite sustained in the basement was pretty good. I’d say 3 points off for effects. Continuity and story? Absolutely fried, we have zombies in the yard at the beginning, no reason for them to be there, and yet… somehow they manage to kill everyone in the house, –or it is at least implied that they do. Overall, I’d give it a C, if I was being generous, a B-. How would you grade this zombie mini-movie? I think it could have used a bit more effort. Kids these days… sigh.