AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ Scores a Prequel Series –With Two Seasons Already Ordered!

It’s official: AMC is moving forward with its Walking Dead companion series in a major way.

Robert Kirkman is king of the world! Woo! You realize he has four shows on cable, right? I’m not actually a fan of Sons of Anarchy though, to be honest with you. I grew up with a bunch of white trash bikers and I don’t want to relive that shit for entertainment. The new series, a companion to The Walking Dead, will premier this year in the late summer, and like The Walking Dead, it will be composed of six, one-hour episodes, and the second season will run the next year.

The show is called either Cobalt or Fear the Walking Dead –I’m not sure which, but hey, eventually, there will be a solid title. Do you ever like, desperately hope you don’t get hit by a bus, just so that you don’t miss a show premier, –or finale? Yeah. I’m weird that way.