After The Finale of ‘The Walking Dead’, What Will You Watch? The 8-Bit Version!

Video: CineFix is back with more 8-bit zombie deaths of The Walking Dead, this time focusing on season 3 and 4 (aka when the show left the farm and ac…

I wish this was a real game, I would play this shit all day long. They have all the seasons so far, –or they will after this next upcoming season finale. I know it’s terrible, but my favorite part is the 8-bit version of Lori giving birth; my second favorite part is Michonne jumping over the walls in Woodbury, and her battle with the Governor… after chopping off his daughter’s head. The simple quote “Lori didn’t make it,” –and Rick’s whole farming things that he does… omg, “Tomato is in good health.”

They pretty much cover every main event in each season, and Rick’s periodic farming skill upgrades are hilarious. The little 8-bit movies are super fun, and you’ll get a huge kick out of them. I still wish they were a real game though; I’d pay for it. Click through to the source to watch the videos!