A Heartfelt Plea for A Better ‘Walking Dead’ FPS

“The Walking Dead continues to mutate into arguably the biggest “event” viewing phenomenon on TV with record ratings…”  

And as long as we’re talking about how awesome the show is, be aware, that there are some spoilers in the source, so be advised. Anyway, author Paul makes some terrific points: I’ve played through both of Telltale’s Walking Dead releases, seasons one and two, and I’ve also played their other comic release, The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fable comic series. They’re a lot of fun, but they aren’t really… um, for people who like to play a game as much as they like to watch a game. It’s not really a video game as much as it is an interactive story, –like the choose-your-own-ending books… if you’re old enough to remember those.

The game that was released was so bad… it was offensive, and all it had going for it was the actors’ voices. Other than that, the story was shit and the graphics horrible. We can do better, –and like the author, I vote for something more sandbox-y, and less “forced storyline”. Petition for a better FPS, yes, please!