A Big, Sexy, Long, Juicy Trailer for Zombie Army Trilogy

Find out what’s in Zombie Army’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 debut.

Dude, –I watched this extended trailer for Zombie Army Trilogy and maybe it’s wrong, but it kinda turned me on. The graphics are amazing, the enemy classes are numerous and tiered in such a way as to not kill you immediately, always (you know, like in all the Demon/Dark Souls games?), you get a big variety of weapons, –and they’re designed to be reminiscent of the time period as well. Plus, –you get three different main campaigns, in one game, with 15 levels, different modes… I mean, it’s huge. HUGE.

So yeah, March 6th, –we’re buying this, no excuses. Not only is it beautiful, –but there are options for solo and multiplayer campaigns. Whether that’s online only or not remains to be seen, but.. meh, with my luck, it’ll probably be online only. No one needs two controllers anymore. Sigh.