9 Zombified Distractions For the Withdrawals From ‘The Walking Dead’

The fifth season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is over, so now how can you get your zombie fix? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

I’m going to cover my favorite five of the ways you can get over your jonesing for The Walking Dead now that the season finale has aired. 

  1. Read The Walking Dead comics, –from what I understand, they’re awesome, and believe it or not, available in most libraries. Or you can cheat and read them at the book store.
  2. Watch iZombie on the CW, –it’s not like… really super serious, the main zombie is a pretty functional chick. No one shoots her in the head …so far anyway.
  3. Watch The Walking Dead prequel, spinoff show, Fear the Walking Dead; it starts soon and it’s probably going to be really awesome.
  4. Watch Game of Thrones –the White Walkers are like zombies. In fact, a lot of people have been coming back to life, recently… a lot more people will. The undead army approaches the Wall in the North, and shit is going to hit the fan in the next season.
  5. Play zombie video games: there’s like a million of them, –but don’t take the suggestions from the source, –Left 4 Dead is a bit over the hill. Play Dead Island, Dying Light, The Last of Us, Resident Evil: Revelations (1&2 are both great!), or the entire Dead Space trilogy.