5 Movie Villains Who Could Survive a Real Life Zombie Apocalypse

Have you thought about what you would’ve done during a zombie apocalypse? Well, I sure have… 

Starting with… Captain Barbossa! Yeah, and not because he technically was a zombie for a while, but because he’s awesome, has survived some serious shit, –including Johnny Depp’s foul treachery. Hans Landa of Inglourious Basterds is next; that’d be because he’s a big weirdo with a huge sense of self-preservation. He’s in it to win it, or, at least survive it and live as comfortably as possible afterward.

The third guy is Jigsaw, –I personally disagree with this choice. He’s old and tired and sick as shit. Then, he’s dead. S’ridiculous. Anyway, he can lay some great traps, but ultimately, he’s a dead man walking. Fourth choice is Hannibal Lecter; excellent notion, but I think he’d probably just find the most remote part of the unaffected, civilized world to live, and would probably know about all this long before it went down. Lecter doesn’t do grit and dirt and zombies. The final contestant is Gollum: that’s because he’s pretty much unaffected anyway. He lives in a cave and eats raw fish, talking to himself. I don’t think the zombies would find him very appealing.