5 Important Things We Know About the Future of ‘The Walking Dead’ After Sunday’s Episode

The main takeaways from Sunday night’s episode of the zombie-riddled series.

Okay, so, since we’re quickly approaching the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead –we’re going to try to stay focused on them all week until the premier of the finale on Sunday, March 29th. The episode’s title will be “Conquer” –which hopefully, means that the future might hold at least some victory in it for Rick. On the other hand, it might mean terrible things… either way, we’re with your through the week, so let’s see what we took away from the last episode, as we approach the finale.

1. Everyone is way more torn up about the death of Noah, than they appeared to be for Beth and Tyrese; I mean… jeez, they didn’t even know him that long. 

2. The people of Alexandria suck. Aaron is, imo, nice to the point of creepiness, Deanna is a bitch, and Jessie’s husband is a big abusive dickhole. Nicholas, out of all of them, is a complete tool, and by tool, I mean the one allen wrench that you never use for anything. Ever.

3. Carl and Enid are adorably cute and totally on their way to bf/gf status. So… when Alexandria most likely falls apart (and it might not, considering what the comic book has in store, –but the two series do diverge often)… what’s Carl going to do without his little girlfriend?

4. Sasha is like Michonne in training; she’s either going to die soon or stick around as a series regular for a little longer. But she can’t replace Darryl, otherwise, I’ll stop watching the show. Period.

5. What’s with the W’s that Aaron and Darryl are seeing on bodies outside Alexandria…? Creepy or just someone’s idea of graffiti or branding? Chances are, we’ll find out in the finale, at least a little more, but we’ll most likely see more in the next season.