40 Zombie Recipes That Are Deliciously Disturbing

“Planning a Zombie Apocalypse Party for Halloween? Here are 40 awesome Zombie Recipe and Food Ideas for you.”

All of these are terrific, and I would personally pick these to make anytime, not just for Halloween, or say… for parties in which I binge-watch (FINALLY) the last season of The Walking Dead  –or! these would be perfect for like, a season finale party for the show, –so if you’re holding off on watching the DVR’d finale, whip up some of these super cool, and slightly gross, –but yummy treats beforehand. 

My three favorites start with the “brain jars” –cupcakes served in jelly jars and coated in piped frosting and blood (seedless raspberry jam); the glass jars are a great touch. My second favorite are puff pastry intestines; they’re totally cute and look delicious. My third favorite, last but not least, –and it looks delicious, and I might make it at my next party: zombie punch. You just need a 2-liter of Sprite, a half gallon of lime sherbet, and a half gallon of limeade. Sounds like a lot of lime, but I bet it’s delicious!