3 Videos: Walking Dead Finale Promo and Two Sneak Peeks!

Here’s a look at AMC’s “The Walking Dead” finale, airing next Sunday night!

  Oh dudes, as I continue to follow the walking dead, I gotta tell you… I’m really excited about the finale because… I get to finally watch the entire season, which I never watch until the end of the season. I’ve said it a hundred times: I’m impatient, I can’t help it. It’s binge or nothing, entire season or bust, and like Frankie says, “I did it myyyyy way.” Anyway, in keeping with making our humble blog all Walking Dead, all week, until the finale, –there are three awesome videos on the source right now.

In the first one, that nasty bitch Deanna is all “Ooh, Rick is such a bad influence, boohoo” –bitch, get over it. And in the second video, wow, –Carol is a badass. There is a certain amount of irony here, since her husband used to slap her around. Now she’s a hardcore, euthanasia-dishing-out woman with a backbone of solid titanium. I hope we don’t lose her any time soon. Click through to the source to get your Walking Dead Fix, mid-week, as we count the days till the finale.