Mummy Zombies

How do we define a zombie? A reanimated body, something dead but up and walking around? That would describe a vampire or the Frankenstein Monster, too, wouldn’t it? (The Monster, […]


Anybody remember a product called “666 Cold Medicine” from the 80s? It was just cold medicine, had nothing to do with serving the devil. As I recall, the title was […]

Overlooked Zombie Flicks

You’d think it would be hard to overlook a zombie. Wouldn’t a zombie tend to stand out? In addition to the whole “trying to eat your brains” thing, there’s the […]


Growing up, I’d always, whenever entering a department store, head straight for the toy aisle. I knew that one day I would grow out of such things; adults told me […]

Idiots are Worse than Zombies

People are stupid. That’s just a sad fact. Not ALL people, although anyone is capable, regardless of his or her intelligence quotient, of being stupid at a particular point, or […]


I have a confession to make, one that I probably shouldn’t be going public with, considering my job, or one of them, is to write content for this site. Ready […]

Do-it-(to)-yourself Zombie Kit

Here’s a throwback to the days before THE WALKING DEAD was the most over TV show in the history of the world. (“Over” is wrestling/carnie-speak, in case you didn’t know; […]


Could a zombie apocalypse happen in real life? No. Not if we’re talking about the standard Hollywood zombie, a reanimated corpse in some state of decay with an inexplicable craving […]