The Zombie of the Deep

I was gonna title this article “The Zombie of the High Seas,” but since we’re talking about a creature that lives in the depths of the ocean, thus negating the […]


Or, more accurately, they went over to play at SAW’s house. Astute Horror fans may have recognized a recent setting from the wildly popular TV show as the same one […]

Fear the Swimming Dead?

You gotta think, if there’s a zombie apocalypse going on, certain places of refuge are going to be better than others. You probably wouldn’t run into any zombies in Antarctica, […]

Zombies coming to Music City!

And why not? I mean, it’s a natural fit. The Grand Ole Opry. The home base of Country music. The building with the Batman ears. Zombies. Yeah, like peanut butter […]

Zombie Cheese

I was looking at a listing, in order of publication, of the articles I’d posted on this site, and it struck me how the vast majority was about THE WALKING […]

Zombie – What’s in a name?

How does one define the word “zombie?” A reanimated corpse? That works, but then we would have to classify mummies and vampires, as well as the Frankenstein monster, as zombies. […]