Zombies Ahoy!

If you’ve been to a horror convention in the last few years you’ve surely noticed that The Walking Dead has almost completely taken over the scene, so much so that […]

Check out the legs on that cadaver!

Check out these flesh and blood skintight leggings from These could mess a fella up! A few years ago, my theatre company EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS staged a version […]

Zombies in the Land of the Pharaohs

Weighing the evidence for and dating of Solanum virus outbreaks in early Egypt (a spoof!) Some people, even historians, believe that civilization first began in ancient Egypt. Writing may well […]

ZOMBEAVERS! (Need I say more?)

Zombeavers has been causing a buzz on the Internet in recent weeks, and its trailer has already amassed over 1.8 million YouTube views. Okay, either this is me telling you […]

Appreciating THE DEAD

When the last evacuation flight out of war-torn Africa crashes off the coast, American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (ROB FREEMAN) emerges as the sole survivor in a land […]

Zombies Meet Mythbusters

I’ve heard there is a new Mythbusters show, but I’m not all that interested in watching it. I wasn’t a regular viewer of the original series. More like a connoisseur. […]

Zombie Nativity Scene gets Snoped

The Zombie Nativity Scene has made it to Snopes. I reckon there were some people who doubted that the controversial exhibit was enjoying its final run this season and needed […]