Zombies Everywhere

I stopped into my local–with “local” being a relative term–Spirit Halloween store this past week. Per usual, the zombie was well represented. My favorite piece was this animatronic zombie that […]

Walkers and Dragons

Season 8. Yeah, you don’t even need me to tell you what show I’m talking about, do you? THE WALKING DEAD returns on Sunday October 22nd. Here are some screenshots […]

Zombify Yourself!

It’s probably because I’m a theatre person–I always use the R-E spelling when denoting the stage as opposed to the cinema, which I always spell with the more common E-R, […]


When you get into issues of quality where entertainment is concerned, it’s a sticky morass, a greasy, canted slope, because it’s all so subjective. How can one specifically state whether […]

Zombie Jazz

I had this weird dream the other night. Actually, all my dreams are weird, and most of them are nonsensical. There are never narratives, just images, jumbles of words, sounds, […]

Fulci's ZOMBI gets pinned

I know I’ve explained it before, but as it is hard to keep up with, even for someone in the know, I’ll run through it again. Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBI, aka […]

Zombie Fish

I was all set to share this with you last week when I received news that George Romero had died. As far as zombies and the Horror genre were concerned, […]