Marvel Announces "Zombies" Series!

“The zombies rise again in the new Marvel Zombies Battleworld series…” This is one sexy cover, and not just because of the armor-plated boobs, and metal-cast crotch of Elsa Bloodstone, –the […]

New Review! Wyrmwood: Road of the Damned

This energetic bloodbath directed by a pair of Aussie siblings is light on logic but loaded with plenty of schlocky thrillsLogic isn’t necessarily a big requirement for zombie movies, although, […]

Great Mix of Zombie Apocalypse Music

“…put this together to spice up my DayZ experience…”I love this; I actually bookmarked it to listen to again, I’m still listening to it now; I love the quiet desolation […]

Zombie Video Games: Zombie Army Trilogy

“Zombie Army Trilogy is a trilogy of games aaaaall about a zombie army. Whose zombie army? Why Hitler’s zombie army, of course….”Whoa so check this out, there’s a game….about zombies…and […]

“Everybody loves a good zombie flick to zone out for a few hours, or to test your fears…”Now, everyone has their favorites, but not everyone agrees that older is necessarily […]