Zombie Fish

I was all set to share this with you last week when I received news that George Romero had died. As far as zombies and the Horror genre were concerned, […]

Goodbye, George Romero

The master is gone. George Romero has died at the age of 77, reportedly of lung cancer. To editorialize for a second, I know Mr. Romero was a smoker. I […]

Marvel's Zombie

Did you ever hear of the Marvel Comics character ZOMBIE? No, not the “Marvel Zombies.” Everybody’s heard of them. A series of mini-series-es featuring every character familiar to Marvel fans, […]

Romero is Back! Sorta.

George Romero is the grand guru of all things zombie, now and forevermore. (Listen, peeps, we all may love THE WALKING DEAD, but original it most certainly is NOT. The […]

Zombie Wedding Pictures

Let’s all be honest with each other, my friends. Nobody likes going to weddings. Not unless you’re one of the ones getting married. Or maybe if it’s your bestie getting […]

Mummy Zombies

How do we define a zombie? A reanimated body, something dead but up and walking around? That would describe a vampire or the Frankenstein Monster, too, wouldn’t it? (The Monster, […]


Anybody remember a product called “666 Cold Medicine” from the 80s? It was just cold medicine, had nothing to do with serving the devil. As I recall, the title was […]

Overlooked Zombie Flicks

You’d think it would be hard to overlook a zombie. Wouldn’t a zombie tend to stand out? In addition to the whole “trying to eat your brains” thing, there’s the […]