Educating myself on Z-NATION

You young whippersnappers just don’t realize how good you have it these days. Why, when I was a young ‘un, I had to walk to school uphill both ways! I… […]


The latest installment from Telltale Games is going to be called A NEW FRONTIER, and it will be released to computers and consoles in November. “This third new season will […]

Dawn of the Dead Dolls

They’re a’comin’! If you, like me, think zombies are kinda cute and cuddly, you’re gonna want to add these little beauties to your collection. The folks at Living Dead Dolls, […]

Zombie Jason

Over at our sister site,, I was waxing nostalgic over the thirty year anniversary of the release of FRIDAY THE 13th PART SIX: JASON LIVES. (How can it have […]

K2 Zombie Outbreak

Okay, “outbreak” might be a little bit hyperboloid, here, as there were only some 33 people involved. But that’s enough to classify it as such, isn’t it, on a relative […]